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East's Outstanding Olympians

Olympian Torch created by Phil Miller
Are you an Outstanding Olympian? 
 If an adult in our building observes you practicing one of the following Olympian Expectations: Take Care of Yourself, Take Care of Others or Take Care of the Placeyou might be rewarded with an E-ticket
Turn your E-ticket in to one of the boxes throughout the school for a chance to be that week's Outstanding Olympian! One student and one faculty member are drawn each week.  


East Olympian Torch created by Phil Miller

Remember to take care of yourself; take care of others; and take care of the place!

  Miguel Woods
  Mrs. C. Thompson, C4
January 2020 Alex Parker
  Mrs. Cordova, Library
  Ethan Jackson
  Mrs. Kannianen, English
December 2019 Madelyn Rohlfs
  Tony Pottorff, Social Studies
  Brent Chitty, Physical Education
  Nathan Fulford
November 2019 Julie Hult, English
  Charli Conrad
  Chesney Totten
  Mrs. Gentry, English
October 2019 Collin Cornett
  Mrs. Fountain, Main Office
  Miguel Wood
  Mrs. Glick, Library
  Olivia Linnemann
  Mr. Newell, Principal
  Gabi Schuetz
  Mrs. R. Daugherty, Speech & Hearing
August & Nick Burge
September  Mr. Buntin, Social Studies
2019 Donivan Warren
  Mr. Taube, Counseling Center
  Meredith Bean
  Mrs. Burnett, Special Education
  David Neville
  Mrs. Axsom, Special Education
  Nathan Fulford
  Ms. Boes, iGrad
  Kolsen Myers
  Mrs. Wilder-Newland, English
  Mrs. A. Miller, Special Education
  Jonathan Prather
May 2019 Mrs. Daugherty, Counseling Center
  Annie Bastian
  Mr. Lewis, Social Studies
  Nathan Fulford
  Ms. Jines, Special Education
  Gracie Brady
  Mrs. Bolte, Social Studies
 April 2019 Matthew Wilson
  Mrs. Emberton, Centerstone
  Wyatt Dooley
  Mr. Linville, Social Studies
  Olivia Lewis
  Mrs. Antcliff, Art
  Stella Arnholt
  Mrs. Banister, Dean's Office
  Curtis Harvard
 March 2019 Mrs. April Dougherty, Nurse
  Maddie Engelou
  Mrs. R. Daugherty, Speech and Hearing
  Dyamond Imlay
  Mrs. Hult, English
  Noah Lykins
 February 2019 Ms. Leonard, Maintenance
  Drew Johnson
  Mrs. Nading, C4 - Consumer and Family Science
  Gavin Edgecomb
  Mr. Chitty, Physical Education
  Dathan Wolf
  Mr. Buntin, Social Studies 
 January 2019 Kat Sidwell
  Mrs. Shea, Technology
  Nathan Fulford
  Ms. Runge, English
  Rece Cowman
  Mr. Good, Special Education
  Collin Cornett
 December 2018 Miss Jines, Special Education
  Dillion Hashman
  Ms. Page, LRC
  Jon Talkington
  Trace Franks
  Mr. Clifton, Maintenance
 November 2018 Mr. Pennycuff, Centerstone
  Austin Brown
  Mrs. Nading, Consumer and Family Sciences
  Izzy Long
  Sammy Johns
  Ms. Leonard, Maintenance
 October 2018 Mrs. Gonsior, Social Studies
  Conner Meek
  Mr. Burgmeier, Special Education
  Drew Hammon
  Mr. Briggs, Math
  Zack Kaiser
  Mrs. Jessie, Main Office
 September 2018 Taylor Hollen
  Mrs. Glick, Library
  Kameron Wade
   Mrs. Burnett, Special Education
Gabriel Palaszczuk
  Ms. Jines, Special Education
  Donowan Warren
   Kyleigh Grissoom
 August 2018  Mrs. Hult, English
   Braydon McIntosh
   Mrs. Sweeney, Special Education
  Mr. Welsh, Performing Arts
May 2018 Kyra Moffitt
  Mrs. Hult, English
  Emily Smith
  Mr. Briggs, Math
April 2018 Grant Cooper
  Mrs. Daugherty, Counseling Center
Cheyenne VonHoene
  Mrs. Bray, Social Studies
  Emylee States
  Mrs. Smith, Main Office
March 2018 Richard Poe
  Mrs. Gonsior, Social Studies
  Malachi Parks
  Mrs. Gentry, English
  Paul Shepherd
 February 2018 Mrs. Cordova, Library Media Specialist
  Brianna Vance
  Mr. Newell, Principal
  Josh Schroer
 January 2018 Mr. Shoaf, Social Studies
  Braydon McIntosh
  Mr. Buntin, Social Studies
  Tiffany Collins
  Mr. Gonsior, LRC
  Lexie Parker
  Mrs. West, Special Education
  December 2017 Bailey Martin
  Mrs. Smith, Main Office
  Clayton Taylor
  Mr. Pottorff, Social Studies
  Daniel Lain Sutherlin
  Mrs. Daugherty, Speech and Hearing
  Jae Ron Anderson
November 2017 Mr. Briggs, Math
  Sierra Saylor
  Mrs. Satsangi, Science
  Dakota Burton
 October 2017 Mrs. Stott, Counseling Center
  Isabel Davis
  Mrs. Carroll, English
  Lizze Trowbridge
  Mrs. Pittman, Hearing Impaired
  Skylar Combs
  Mrs. Lindsay, Special Education
 September 2017 Hannah Reed
  Mrs. West, Special Education
  Nathan Fulford
  Mrs. Hollen, Special Education
  Logan Thornhill
  Mrs. Wilder-Newland, English
  Margo Brunner
   Mr. Pottorff, Social Studies
   Peter Awad
 August 2017  Mrs. Stott, Counseling Center
    Mackenna Piatkowski
   Ms. Stacy Sweeney, Performing Arts
   Ella Kirk 
   Mrs. Wilder-Newland, English
   Maddie Engelau
   Mr. Duncan, English
   Chris Borowski
  May 2017  Mrs. Lomax, Special Education
   Joe Jimenez
   Mr. Lewis, Social Studies
   Kendra Pastrick
   Mr. Brookshire, Band
   Emylee States
   Mrs. Daugherty, Counseling Center
   Harlie McAlarney
   Mrs. Romanski, Special Education
 April 2017  Szczesny Lipinski
   Mrs. Dewhirst, English
   Owen Ballard
   Mrs. Sweeney, Performing Arts
   Alex Hahn
   Mrs. Burnett
   Zach Kaiser
 March 2017  Mrs. Edds, Senior Project Coordinator
   Katelyn Dougherty
   Ms. Jines, English
   Savannah Garrett
   Mr. Briggs, Math
 February 2017  Drew Hamon
   Ms. Downey, Life Skills
   Emie Kiser
   Mrs. Bray, Social Studies 
   Gabe Kleffman
   Mrs. Romanski, Special Education
   Peter Awad
   Ms. Phillips, Library/Media Specialist
 January 2017  Matthew Sizemore
   Mrs. Kocur, Art
   Eric Stiles
   Mrs. Spall, Special Education
   Nick Walter
 December 2016  Mrs. Smith, Main Office
   Anna Shields
   Officer Quesenberry, School Resource Officer
  Zach Kaiser 
   Ms. Jines, English
   Dashawn Hendrickson
   Mrs. Leonard, Maintenance
  November 2016  Drew Hamon
   Mrs. Banister, Dean's Office
   Olivia Ortman
   Mrs. Dot Daugherty, Counseling Department
   Nathaniel Petro
 October 2016  Mr. Tanner Briggs, Math
   Dawson Glen
   Mrs. April Dougherty, Nurse
   Isaac Moore
   Mrs. Danielle Woolwine, Counseling Center
   Shane Foster-Taylor
   Ms. Emily Phillips, Library/Media Specialist
   Trenton Lawson
   Mrs. Michelle Burnett
 September 2016  Josh Sensanbougher
   Mr. Mel Good, Life Skills 
   Larikia Lawson
   Mrs. Wilder-Newland, English
   Dillion Hashman
   Mr. Duncan, English
 August 2016  Victor Cruz
   Mrs. Allison Clark, Counseling Dept.
   Zach Kaiser
   Mrs. DD Stott, Counseling Dept.
 May 2016 Pazlee Hunter
Mr. David Rodgers
Noah Wichman
Mrs DD Stott
Chad Rylan Smith
Mrs Dot Daugherty
Kyndal Gary
Mrs. Judy Pitman

 April 2016 Shilo Mead
Mr. Ken Hauan
Emily Ackerman
Mrs. Adele Cordes
Yetla Reyna
Mrs. Emily Phillips

 March 2016 Kyndal Gary
Mrs. Abby Howe
Logan Thornhill
Mr. Andy Alvarez
Caleb Simpson
Mrs. Linda Wiczynski
 February 2016 Peter Awad
Mrs. Emily Phillips
Wyatt Huffman
Mrs. Kelly Stilson
Jesus Rosales
Mrs. Emily Phillips
Kamryn Cantu
Mrs. Brianna Moore
Mr. Mike Metz
Ariel Joyner
 January 2016 Mrs. Brooke Marsh
Colton Lucas
Mrs. Peggy Myers
Shilo Mead
Mrs. Tammy Hollen
Kody Horner

 December 2015 Mrs. Annie Romine
Megan Newton
Mrs. Annie Baugh
Sarah Miller

 November 2015 Mr. Josh Gonsior
Riley Coers
Mrs. Julie Hult - English
Becca Bryan
Mr. Eddie Vogel - Math
Dustin Lopez

 October 2015 Stacy Sweeney, Performing Arts
Emily Parker
Danielle Woolwine, Counseling Dept
Shelby Newby
Olivia Williams - TV Studio
Shelby Kelsay
Marla Page, Teacher Assistant
Amanda Lucas

 September 2015 Greg Lewis, Social Studies
Ashleigh Thompson
Christy Boes, iGrad
Nathan Mifflin
Mike Ward, C4 Law Enforcement
Jeymi Arellano
Karen Colliver, Attendance Office
Cassie McDonald

 August 2015 Chasidy Kannianen, English
Shelby Gooldy
Deanna Glick, Media Center
Gaten Harper
Kay Gorday, Health Occupations
Tori Givens
 May 2015 Ms. Julie Quesenbery
Kenton McInteer

 April 2015 Mrs. Emily Phillips
Rico Lewis
Mr. Scott Duncan
Justin Rice
Mrs. Kari Retrum
Ryland Chad Smith
Mrs. Julie Hult
Quade Grieve

 March 2015 Mrs. Kari Retrum
Rylan Smith
Mr. Brad Barber
Josaiah Torres
Noah Reckers
Mrs. Julie Hult

 February 2015 Mr. Robert Bell
Nick Angle
Mrs Denise Kocur
Olivia Ortman
Tiana Brantley
Katie Bolte
Mrs. Jackson
Mrs. Jessie

 November 2014 Gracie Schultz
Mr. Tim McNealy, C4 Teacher
Lily Barkes
Mr. Jeff Burgmeier, Teacher
Savannah Herron
Mrs. Kinnaird, School Nurse
Alexa Barger
Colton Lucas
Mr. Andy Taube, Counselor
Mrs. Suzanne Randle, Secretary

Previous Outstanding Olympians include: 
 May 2014
Azalea Dozal
Mr. David Rodgers, Band Director
Kevin Purdue 
Mrs. Melanie Enkoff, French Teacher

April 2014

Andrew Feese
Mrs. Sarah Gentry, English Teacher
Kamrin Blair
Mrs. Denise Kocur, Art Teacher
Samantha Watters
Mrs. Melton

March 2014

Cordell Glass
Mrs. Jennifer Kinnaird, School Nurse
Chris Taylor
Mrs. Arielle Nance, Social Studies Teacher

 February 2014

Kraig Moore
Mrs. Tammy Hollen, Teacher Asst
Corey Hash
Mr. Aaron Lynott, Science Dept Chair
Josiah Torres
Mrs. Gess - Cafeteria Mgr
Paige Webb
Mrs. Julie (Calfee) Hult, English Teacher

January 2014

Cory Coffey
Mr. Jim Ponsford - Art teacher
Jacob Ryan Smith
David Rodgers, Band Director

October/November/December 2013

Jordan Riley
Mrs. Ginger Smith, School Secretary
Kylee Hollenbeck
Mrs. Suzanne Romanski, Teacher
Damion Hatton
Mrs. Michelle Burnett, Teacher
Samson Mead
Mr. Mike Walls, Science Teacher
Elijah McFarlane
Mr. Ron Novak, Teacher

Aug/Sep 2013

Devon Henry
Mr. Tyler Davis, Teacher
Ben Elsbury
Mrs. Kelly Stilson, Teacher
Casey Weisner
Mrs. Emily Phillips, Librarian
Karla Lora Lopez
Mrs. Nevie Dewhirst, English Teacher

May 2013

Joy Muncie
Mrs. Sue Romine, Teacher Assistant

April 2013
Ally Jennings
Mrs. Julie Calfee, English Teacher
Jimmy Fischer
Mr. Ken Hauan, Choir Teacher
Travis Perkins
Brandon Brooks

Mrs. Suzanne Romanski, Teacher
March 2013

Reghan Case
Mrs. Angie Miller, Teacher Assistant
Tyler Hall

Mrs. Sue Romine, Teacher Assistant

February 2013

Andrea Capunay
Mrs. Joni Degner, Teacher
Robert Blanford
Mrs. Michelle Burnett, Teacher
Morgan Shipley
Judy Pitman, Teacher Assistant
Cesar Ocampo

Mrs. Sarah Gentry, English teacher

January 2013 Michael Hannash
Jennie Kinnaird, School Nurse
Gabbi Hattabaugh
Angie Wieneke, Media Center
December 2012
Haley Smalley
Mr. Newell, Principal
Jon Purdue

Mrs. Colliver, Attendance
November 2012   

Hannah Park
Theresa Sublette, Math Teacher
Jacob Bender

Suzanne Romanski, Teacher

October 2012
Devin Cox
Jon Gratz, Math Teacher
Shawnee Burt
September 2012

Robert Blandford
Brent Chitty, Coach
Allyson Bunch
Mrs. Kinnaird, Nurse
Olive Record
Mrs. Enkoff, French teacher
Lexi Jackman-Wheitner

Mrs. Sarah Gentry, English teacher

 August 2012

Amber Allman

Ryan Parkerson
Gail Khune, Teacher Assistant
Samantha McAllister
Brent Lambert
Congratulations East Outstanding Olympians!