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CNHS Students Earn Top Award in International Mathematical Modeling Contest

Four CNHS students, Jannis Anderson, Vamshi Balanaga, Drew Riordan, and Yijiang Zhao, have earned the top designation of OUTSTANDING in the HiMCM (High School Mathematical Contest in Modeling).  Their team selected one of two modeling problems on a Saturday morning in November and then had 36 hours to research, model, communicate and submit their twenty-six-page solution paper.  The problem the team chose involved designing and optimizing a new Olympic caliber ski resort on a real parcel of land in Utah and also developing a ranking system to compare it with other North American ski resorts.  After multiple rounds of judging by college professors, only nine teams out of over 900 international entries earned the top designation.  


As a result of this designation, the team has been invited to compete in the 4th Annual International Mathematical Modeling Challenge in March and April.  


4 student earn top honor at math contest