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    Christopher Smith


    Greetings from the Principal! 
    Mr. Smith
    I am Christopher Smith, and it is my pleasure to welcome you to Parkside Elementary School via the World Wide Web. Parkside is located in Columbus, Indiana, about 30 miles south of Indianapolis. Since 1962, Parkside has been educating the boys and girls of Columbus with high expectations for future success. We are happy to invite you to be part of this exciting culture of learning.
    Parkside Elementary is a Pre-K through sixth grade elementary school. We currently number 830 children with approximately 60 instructional faculty and staff members. We are proud of our school building and our beautiful school grounds, which include a popular all-inclusive playground, many soccer fields, basketball courts, and a beautiful central court yard. Parkside enjoys an involved and active parent/teacher organization (PTO). The PTO sponsors many family-oriented activities each year and fully supports our school by enhancing the facilities, materials, programs, and opportunities for students by organizing fund raisers and volunteering time in the classrooms during the school day.
    The curriculum in every grade provides relevant experiential learning opportunities that foster collaboration and community, while using multiple media and tools for all students.   Academic programs are extended during the school day by experiences in the arts, including vocal music, visual arts, instrumental music, physical education and library science. The extension continues after hours with many opportunities that include various academic teams, athletic teams, dance, fitness, as well as more arts and music opportunities.

    At Parkside, teachers work together to meet the needs of all students in an accessible facility and an inclusive learning environment. Guided by our vision – Parkside - learning and working together for everyone’s personal best, we come together as a caring community of learners. 
    We hope the information in this website helps you to get to know us better! Thank you for your interest in Parkside Elementary School.  
Last Modified on February 22, 2017