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    From a Global Perspective


    Science as a Way of Knowing
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    "We must become the change we want to see in the world."   -Ghandi
    Our vision is to empower today's youth to think critically about the world as a dynamic and interrelated system. 
    The surrounding themes will guide our course.

    Organism exist in Balance with Nature

    1 Living Things
    4 Ecosystems- Stability/Change
    10 Human Impacts 

    The Transfer of Energy is the Foundation of all Life

    2 Chemistry in Living Systems
    3 Matter and Energy in Living Systems
    Life Relies on Continuity and Change
    7 Biotechnology
    8 Evidence for Evolution
    9 Patterns of Evolution
    Science and Society are Permanently Linked

    Form Follows Function

    5 Cells Stability/Change
    7 Genetics and Inheritance
    8 From DNA to proteins
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