• The 1920's and Earlier

    In 1914-1915, the High School Dramatic Club was formed at Columbus High School by the then current juniors and seniors.  The sponsor was Miss Carrie Ong. 
    Participation in the club was high.  27 members of the class of 1916 counted themselves as members of this club, nearly 30% of the graduating class. 
    In the fall semester, there would be one acts produced for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  A "three-act" play would be produced in February and the senior class play would take place in April or May.  In addition, the students would regularly perform other plays for each other at their bi-weekly meetings and for community groups and other high schools on a fairly regular basis.
    We are aware that as early as the turn of the twentieth century, Columbus High School was performing class plays on the stage at the Crump Opera House.  Little other knowledge exists about these early times.
    If you have any knowledge of this era, or know of anyone who has, we would be happy to talk to you/them.  Please contact us.
         Creepy Crest, Little Brother Sherlock, Our Aunt from California, Betty
         Engaged, Polly's Hero, Achievement,  Music Then and Now
         Ichabod Crane, One Gift Above Another, Do You Believe in Luck?, The
         Bohemian Girl, Tweedles, Watch Your Step Wilton
         Mysterious Thanksgiving Guest, Grandma's Christmas Guest, Sojourners,
         Cyclone Sally, The Meal Ticket
         Mrs. Newlywed's Thanksgiving Dinner, When the Christ Child Comes In,
         Honor Bright, I'd Be Happy If, The Bohemian Girl, Sauce for the Goslings,
         Circus Solly, Ebony Echoes
         Maid of France, The Trial of John and Jane, Art Where Art Thou, Times
         Have Changed, Patty Makes Things Hum, Empty Stockings
         Once Upon a Time, Miss Maria, Daddy Long Legs, Under the Stars and
         Just for Fun, Tangles, Nothing But the Truth, You Never Can Tell, Dark
         Town Jubilee, Pipes of Pan
         National Flower, Hurry!  Hurry!  Hurry!,
         Twilight Alley
         Romantic Rogue, Christmas Chimes, If I Only Had a Million, Green
         The Mysterious Thanksgiving Guest, The Trials of Christmas Shopping,
         What Happened to Jones
         Christmas in the Air, Elopement of Ellen
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    We have incomplete information for some of these years and shows.  If you know anything about what shows were performed or who was involved, or even pictures, programs or posters that we could borrow and scan onto the website,
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