• The 1940's

    Troupe #57 of the National Thespian Society was barely three years old when America entered World War II.  And while male participation decreased during war time, the Columbus High School Theatre program marched on.  Plays took a more patriotic tone, but Mildred A. Murray continued to produce on a regular basis.
    Towards the end of this decade, the traditional Thanksgiving pageant/play was replaced with a non-holiday themed play.  The annual Christmas plays, often religously themed, continued on for another decade or two.
         The Barretts of Wimpole Street, The Howl of the Wolf
         Jane Eyre
         Our Town, The Doctor Decides, Star Time, And Myrrh
         Song of my Heart
         no records exist
         A Connecticut Yankkee in Kking Arthur's Court, The Heritage of Wimpole
         Street, In the Shepherd's Fields
         No Greater Love, O Come Let us Adore Him, Eve of St. Mark, The Lovely
         The Empty Room, Fireman Save My Child, Youth and Uncle Sam,
         The Wedding Veil, The Soul of Ann Rutledge, Mystery of the Magi, What
         Price America, The Nutt Family, Out of Darkness
    1940- 1941
         Don't Take my Penny, The Psalm of Thanksgiving, The Christmas Shadow,
         Strange Road, Buddy Buys an Orchid
         Swanee Smiles, Elizabeth's Young Man, The Sword Divides, Taps, By
         Special Request, Seeing Double, Moonset, The Cornhusk Doll
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    We have incomplete information for some of these years and shows.  If you know anything about what shows were performed or who was involved, or even pictures, programs or posters that we could borrow and scan onto the website,
    The Corhusk Doll1940 Thespians1944 Thespians1945 Thespians1944 Drama Club1945 Drama Club
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