• The 1960's

    The great social changes of the 1960's were echoed in Columbus High School Theatre as well.  Out went veteran teacher and drama coach, Mildred A. Murray, and in came young hot shot, T. Joe Tower.  This personnel change would last for the next three decades.
    Something else new to the program during the 1960's was a talent show-style event called, The Sensational Sixties.  These yearly programs seemed to involve nearly the entire student body, and were hugely attended in Memorial Gym.  While many of the skits lampooned popular entertainment and local celebrities (usually including a chorus of young men dressed as young women), there were also legitimate songs and dances.
    Another big change started in the choral department.  They began to produce full-scale musicals, like those in the movies and on Broadway.  By the end of the decade, Tower and the theatre department were helping out with these productions on a regular basis, eventually overseeing them in the next decade.
         Yes, Yes, A Thousand Times, Yes!, Pure Gold, The Sandbox, Sensational
         Sixties:  Lunar Lookout, The Sound of Music
         You Can't Take It with You, A Christmas Carol, The Lottery, Sensational
         Sixties:  Shades of All Seasons, South Pacific
         If Boys Wore Skirts, Sensational Sixties:  Comics Incorporated, Oklahoma!
         Pride and Prejudice, Sensational Sixties:  Let's Play Monopoly
         Sure as You're Born, Sensational Sixties:  Gateway to Storyland
         Pillow Talks, Solid Gold Cadillac, Sensational Sixties:  Tribute to New York
         Mistress Melon, case of the Silent Caroller, Cinderella Complex, Sensational
         Sixties:  This is the Army, Mr. Jones
         The Curious Savage, Little Women, Tammy Tell Me True, Teen and 20,
         Sensational Sixties:  Showboat/The Best Things in Life are Free
    1960- 1961
         Around the World in Eighty Days, Annie Get Your Gun, Sensational Sixties: 
         Just in Time/School Daze
         The Thread That, Sensational Sixties:  Operation Moonglow/On Stage
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