• The 1990's

    This decade saw the biggest personnel change in North Drama history in over three decades.  As T. Joe Tower became more familiar Erne Auditorium, he saw a need to expand the North Theatre program--especially in technical areas.  He hired the first guest director, John Johnson, in 1993, who then became the resident technical director.
    Tower retired from teaching and theatre in 1996 after 35 years of service.  He was replaced by Johnson.  Johnson introduced performing the works of William Shakespeare on a regular basis; every three years a full-scale production of one his plays would be mounted. 
    Johnson also began to give the Thespian Society more responsibilities.  A graduate of the program, and a former student director, Johnson created more opportunites for student directors.  The number of productions that the Thespians did increased by adding the Studio Room Play to the start of school.  Upperclassmen would audition before the end of school the previous year, and those cast would be given scripts to learn over the summer break.  The show, usually smaller in scale, would be rehearsed and performed in less than three weeks after the start of school.
         Edward Albee from A to Z, See How They Run, Showcase 2000:  'Tis a
         Match, Damn Yankees
         The Compleat Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged), Grapes of Wrath,
         Showcase '99, 42nd Street
         The Diaries of Adam and Eve, Two Gentlemen of Verona, Showcase '98,
         Leader of the Pack
         Noises Off, Showcase, Anything Goes
         Scrooge & Marley:  A Christmas Carol, Evening of Theatre '96, Hello, Dolly!
         Bus Stop, Evening of Theatre '95, Oklahoma!
         Les Miserables, Evening of Theatre '94, Meet Me in St. Louis
         The Savage Dilemma, Evening of Theatre '93, Charlotte's Web
         May the Farce Be With You, Evening of Theatre '92, Oliver!
    1990- 1991
         A Rehearsal for Murder, Evening of Theatre '91, Grease
         Makin' It, Evening of Theatre '90, How to Succeed in Business Without
         Really Trying

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