• Crew

    The easiest way to get involved with theatre is to help out on crew.  We need students to help build and paint sets, alter costumes, gather props, hang lights, run microphones and a whole lot more.
    Crew meets regularly for each of our two mainstage shows.  The sessions are all voluntary, and you give as much time as you can.  For example, if you can only give one hour every Thursday, then that's what you give.  If you can come for every session, all the better.
    A call out session will be announced about two months before the production.  This short informational meeting lasts about 30 minutes.  We will pass out schedules for the all of the crew meetings as well as introduce the student and adult staff.
    Students who give a lot of time, as well as have a good work ethic, may be selected for running crew.  Running crew helps out during the actual performances of the show, and are expected to attend every rehearsal and performance that they're called.  Those that show responsibilty, initiative and a positive attitude are the ones that get selected for this honor.
    Students who are successful in crew have the opportunity to move up to student production staff.
    The Crew Call-out Meeting for 
    is scheduled for
    The meeting should last less than 30 minutes.
    All are welcome.


    Students fullfill a variety of leadership roles on each production.  For the mainstage productions, they can head up different crews, stage manage or even provide artistic design for the shows.  For the Thespian shows, students are usually repsonsible for every area of production including directing.
    Students interested in being a staff member should have some experience in the program, and fill out an application.  These should be submitted to the auditorium office by the due date.
    Staff Applications for AS YOU LIKE IT
    are Friday, September 22.
Last Modified on September 20, 2017