• The Mission of CIC

    The mission of the Columbus North Continuous Improvement Committee is to monitor and foster continuous improvement for Columbus North High School, based on regular review of performance data and using quality processes, tools, and strategies.

    Quarterly Review Process and Dates
    In smaller critical friends teams, the CIC committee will meet quarterly with Department Chairs, Area Leaders and interested staff to review each Department/Area Goal(s) and any progress towards their completion.  These goals should be aligned with Building and Corporation objectives, and may be completed at any point during any given year.  Upon completion of a goal, a new goal should be in place by the next quarter.
    Report on Meeting Date
    4th QuarterMay 2015
    1st QuarterSeptember 2014
    2nd QuarterNovember 2014
    3rd QuarterFebruary 2014
    Meet your CIC  Representatives (2014-2015)
    Katie Chaplin, English teacher  
    David Clark, Chair / Principal
    Laura Daily-Richardson,  Business Teacher / CEA Representative
    John Green, Asst. Principal
    Mimi Hageman-Bingham, English teacher
    John Johnson, Auditorium Director
    Anu Mantri, parent / community member
    Jim Pfaffenberger, Chair Special Ed teacher
    ___________ parent / community member
    Susan Scott, Asst. Principal
    Cathy Simmons, Math and Science TA
    Are you interested in serving with us on North's CIC?  Please let chairs David Clark or Jim Pfaffenberger know.  We need members from teachers, staff, parents and the community at large.  We typically meet the first Wednesday of the month during the school year.  Meeting time lasts about an hour. 
Last Modified on September 25, 2015