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    Columbus East CHAMPS!

    2014 Academic Super Bowl State Championship results:

    Congratulations to the English Academic Team for winning the Indiana Academic Super Bowl State Championship at Purdue University on May 10, 2014.

    This is the 14th state championship that the Academic Teams have won since 2000.  The English team is coached by Scott Duncan.  
     2014 English Academic Team STATE CHAMPS!
    Team members are:
    • Tanushree Bhatawadekar
    • Jonathan Brunnemer
    • Morgan Farrell
    • Alex Hahn
    • Kayla Halterman
    • Akia Hilderbrand
    • Emma Jones
    • Arjun Menon
    • Kaitlin Wendel

    The Social Studies Academic Team came in 2nd in the State Championship on Saturday.  Team members are Nicole Bodi, Jonathan Brunnemer, Morgan Dosterglick, Emma Finerfrock, Zach Hatfield, Serena Hendershot, Jason McIntire, Tiffanny Reynolds, and Erica Sun.  

    The Social Studies team is coached by Mr. Jeff Burgmeier.

    The Science Academic Team also competed at state on Saturday and finished in 6th place.  Team members are Ryan Green, Zach Hatfield, Serena Hendershot, Kaitlynn Milvert, and Erica Sun. The Science team is coached by Mark Rosswurm.

    2012 Fine Arts Team State Champions
    from left:  Robert Feke, Nate Riley, Nick Hubbard, Amanda Sun, Katie Schmidt, and Ian Finerfrock

    2012 Academic Super Bowl State Championship results:

    The Columbus East High School Science, Social Studies, and Fine Arts Academic Teams competed at the State Championship


    The Science team members included: Natalie Burgos, Lauren Champion, Jacob Downey, Zach Hatfield, Andrew and Soren Henrichsen, and Erica Sun, and they are coached by Mark Rosswurm.

    The Social Studies team members included: Ian Finerfrock, Laiken Harper, Zach Hatfield, Serena Hendershot, Andrew Henrichsen, Pooja Pandita, Pranav Patil, and Erica Sun.  Coach: Jeff Burgmeier.

    The Fine Arts team members included: Ian Finerfrock, Nick Hubbard, Nate Riley, Katie Schmidt, and Amanda Sun.  Coach:  Greg Lewis.

    for the Indiana Academic Super Bowl on Saturday, May 5, 2012 at the Loeb Playhouse at Purdue University.

    The Science and Social Studies teams each finished fourth in the state in their competitions in Class 1, the large school division.

    The Fine Arts team won the Class 1 state championship, which was the Fine Arts team's 4th state championship since 2004.

    This was also the 13th state championship overall for the entire Columbus East Academic Team program since 2000, making East's Academic Teams the most successful competitive team in Columbus East history. East was one of only 4 schools in the entire state in Class 1 to have at least three academic teams qualify for state this year, and it was recognized for the fourth consecutive year as a "Top 10 Overall" Academic Team in the state in class 1.

    Congratulations to East's 2011 Academic Teams for another outstanding show at the Indiana Academic Super Bowl State Championship held at Purdue University on May 7, 2011.  The Science team finished in second place and the social studies team came in third place in their respective competitions. Science team members who competed are Andrew Henrichsen, Jared Lindauer, and Greg Nelson. Social Studies team members are Laiken Harper, Andrew Henrichsen, Greg Nelson, and Ian Finerfrock. Congratulations again, academic teams!

    2011 Academic Teams

    • Front row, L-R:  Karina Collins, Natalie Burgos, Amanda Melton, Katie Schmidt, Noah Benjamin
    • Second row, L-R:  Ian Finerfrock, Mac McAllister, Riley Ellison, Adam Kruchten, Laiken Harper
    • Third row, L-R:  Andrew Henrichsen, Jared Lindauer, Greg Nelson
    • Back row, L-R:  Theresa Sublette – Math Coach, Greg Lewis – Lead Coach and Fine Arts Coach, Mark Rosswurm – Science Coach, Jeff Burgmeier – Social Studies Coach, Scott Duncan – English Coach

    Not pictured:  Soren Henrichsen


    Congratulations to the Columbus East Academic Team 2010 for once again qualifying for the state championship competition to be held on Saturday, May 8, 2010 at Purdue University.  At the 2010 area competition in Batesville, East's Interdisciplinary Academic Team finished with the second highest score in the state to qualify. 


    For the second year, in 2010, special recognition is being given to the Top 10 teams in each enrollment class, based on the cumulative scores of all six rounds at the Area Competition to recognize academic achievement.  We are pleased to announce that Columbus East is one of the 40 teams being recognized! 


    Please view all teams receiving this recognition online at : http://www.iasp.org/dspsrsuperbowlTop10.aspx


    Interdisciplinary Team members for Columbus East are:

    • Kyra Anderson
    • Adam Kruchten
    • Emily Mahon
    • Amanda Melton
    • Louis Wiczynski

    2010 Interdisciplinary Team

    Adam Kruchten, Emily Mahon, Louis Wiczynski, Amanda Melton, Kyra Anderson


    2010 Academic Team Group

    East's Academic Team and Coaches 2010

    The English, Fine Arts, and Interdisciplinary academic teams competed in the Senior Academic Superbowl State Finals on Saturday, May 9, 2009, at the Loeb Playhouse on the Purdue University campus.  The East Interdisciplinary Team won the STATE CHAMPIONSHIP in the Class 1 large school division.  The team members are Amanda Melton, Kylie Hutchinson, Sai Vijayagopal, Adam Kruchten, and Louis Wiczynski.  The head coach is Danny Dixon.  The East Fine Arts Team was State runner-up in the state championship as well.  Team members are Amanda Melton, Meghan Wicker, Emily Mahon, and Noah Benjamin, and the coach is Greg Lewis. 
    Congratulations to the East academic teams for winning its 12th State championship since 2000!

    East 2009 Interdisciplinary Team CHAMPIONS!
    East Interdisciplinary Team 2009 STATE CHAMPIONS in Class 1 large school division
    From left:  Danny Dixon (coach), Louis Wiczynski,  Faith Freeman (coach), Kylie Hutchinson, Carole Goshorn (coach), Amanda Melton, Greg Lewis (coach), Adam Kruchten and Jeff Burgmeier (coach).
    Not pictured:  Sai Vijayagopal

    East competes in the Class 1 division that is made up of the Indiana high schools with the largest enrollments.  There are approximately 90 teams in the Class 1 division.  East was recognized as an Academic Team Super Bowl Top 10 Team based on the cumulative scores of all six competition rounds at the Area Competition that was held on April 21, 2009 and was the qualifying competition for the state championships.  The Top 10 designation and the Interdisciplinary State Championship are indicators of an overall strong, well-rounded academic team program.    
    • Fine Arts team finished 2nd
    • English team finished 7th
    • Interdisciplinary team finished 1st winning East's 12TH STATE CHAMPIONSHIP!
    The members of the English team include:
    • Kylie Hutchinson
    • Amanda Melton
    • Elizabeth Romanski
    Coach - Mrs. Faith Freeman
    Fine Arts team members include:
    • Emily Mahon
    • Amanda Melton
    • Meghan Wicker
    • Noah Benjamin
    Coach - Mr. Greg Lewis
    Interdisciplinary team members include:
    • Sai Vijaygopal
    • Louis Wiczynski
    • Amanda Melton
    • Adam Kruchten
    • Kylie Hutchinson
    Coach - Mr. Danny Dixon
     GO EAST!!!!!!!

    2008 East  Academic Teams Wins at State Competition!

    East's teams did well at State! Science placed 3rd, Social Studies is State Runner-Up, and Interdisciplinary is State Champion! This is East's 11th State Championship!

    Complete information about Academic Team and competions can be found at: http://www.iasp.org/dspcompetitions.aspx

    In 2006, Columbus East teams brought home three state titles from the Indiana Academic Super Bowl at Purdue University. Five teams from East competed. East placed FIRST in English, Fine Arts, and Interdisiplinary, THIRD in Math, and FOURTH in Social Studies. More than 20 students competed for East with more than 97 high schools statewide participating in the competition.

    Results from the state competition in 2006 are posted below.
    2006 Senior Academic Super Bowl
    STATE Contest Results
    CLASS 1
    (East Fine Arts Coach - Mr. Greg Lewis)
    Team Members: Nick Lauber (captain), Paul Rosswurm, Nate Benjamin, Nichole Fink, Mel Chi, Jennifer Wenning, Maria Schwartzman and Coach Greg Lewis
    Not pictured: Len Newton, Chuck Witt and Jed Kendall
    State Champion:  Columbus East High School

    2006 Senior Academic Super Bowl
    STATE Contest Results
    (East Math Coach - Mr. Danny Dixon)

    Third Place:  Columbus East High School

    2006 Senior Academic Super Bowl
    STATE Contest Results
    (East Social Studies Coach - Mr. Jim Nay)

    Finalists:  Columbus East High School
    2006 Senior Academic Super Bowl
    STATE Contest Results
    (East English Coach - Mrs. Faith Freeman)

    Team Members: Meredith Enkoff, Hannah Dettmer, Ethan Bradley (captain)
    State Champion:  Columbus East High School

    2006 Senior Academic Super Bowl
    STATE Contest Results
    (East Interdisciplinary Coach - Mr. Jim Nay)

    Team Members: Mel Chi, Ethan Bradley, Sam Kirkland, Nick Lauber (captain), Jacob Champion

    State Champion:  Columbus East High School

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