• Service Learning Project-School Fundraiser
    CSA-Lincoln is a "different" kind of school.  Students learn differently and teachers facilitate learning in non-traditional ways.  So, of course the annual fundraiser for CSA-Lincoln is a bit different than what you would expect!  Students work in collaborative teams across grade levels to raise money.  Sounds normal, right?  At CSA Lincoln, students don't sell candy or have a walk-a-thon.  Instead, when students reach their fundraising goal, they complete a COMMUNITY SERVICE  project.
    It works like this:
    • Grade level teams work together to collect donations from family and friends
    • Partner with a local business or non-profit organization when possible
    • Compete to collect the most $ for the Student Activities Fund (only used for students!)
    • The class with the most $ and participants earn a class party - To repay the community for achieving the fundraising goal, we complete a community service project.

    If you have suggestions for a community service project, please let us know!  














Last Modified on July 10, 2018