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    Work Permit Information

    For students needing a work permit, please make sure to bring the completed Intent to Employ form to the M
    ain Office.  You need to get this form from your employer.  This form must be COMPLETELY filled out including the signatures required at the bottom of the form.  In addition, you will need to write where you were born and your date of birth at the top of this form.  Forms turned in by 12:00 noon may be picked up after school on the day you turn them in.  Forms turned in after that time cannot be picked up until after school the following school day.


    Work permits will only be issued to students who are enrolled at East, students who are enrolled at CSA with East as their home school, students who live in the East district and are home schooled or students who live in the East district and are enrolled in Columbus Christian School.  If you are not enrolled at East, you need to bring a copy of your birth certificate and latest report card with you.  The “Intention to Employ” form must be completely filled out and also include the following information:


    • Your city and state of birth
    • Your date of birth
    • Your employer’s signature
    • Your parent or guardian’s signature
    • Your signature


    If ANY of this information is missing or the form is not completely filled out, the work permit WILL NOT be issued.


    Please contact the Columbus East High School Main Office at 376-4369 if you have questions.

Last Modified on February 7, 2019