• If your child is a car rider, the drop-off/pickup area is located at the front of the building on Illinois St. 

    If you prefer to get out of your car and walk up to the building to pick up your child, please park in the parking lot on the East side of the building.  Once you have parked you will then come to the gym to pick up your child(ren).  This helps us to have a continuous flow of cars for the parents who are coming through the car rider line to pick up their child(ren).  

    We have found it very difficult to ensure our students who are being picked up in the gym are getting safely to their parent.   This is happening because as soon as they come through the door and see a parent they are bolting to that parent.  Since it is not possible to keep track of 20 children going in different directions, we are going to take car riders who are picked up in the gym through the building to get to the gym.  This means you will need to go into the gym to pick up your child.  Since we have gym classes until 3:00, you will not be able to go into the gym until 3:00.  
    Please call if you have any questions or concerns about our car rider drop off and pick up procedures.  
    We greatly appreciate your help to make our process safe and efficient.