• C4 Vision Statement

    C4 will connect community resources to provide career education for all students while laying the foundation for life-long learning.
    C4 CET students set trusses at the Barcon house.

    C4 Construction students set trusses at a house construction site.


    C4 Core Values

    ·                All students deserve the opportunity to participate in an appropriate C4 program, regardless of gender, disability, home high school, or academic program.

    ·         All students should be adequately prepared for the workplace.  A partnership between schools and business/industry is necessary to facilitate that preparation.

    ·         All students should be safe at all times and trained to avoid hazards of the classroom/workplace experience.

    ·         All students can learn and benefit from applying classroom knowledge/experiences to problem solving situations in C4 programs and the workplace.

    ·         All students deserve to be respected for their participation in C4.  Their self-esteem is directly related to achievement.

Last Modified on November 7, 2017