• Welcome to the Art Room

    The art program at Richards uses a Disciplined-Based (DBAE) approach to teaching art. This means that the art instruction is divided into four components: history, criticism, aesthetics and production. This approach gives the student an opportunity to use his or her higher order thinking skills to develop their own solution to the art lesson at hand. When possible, literature is used to introduce an artist or style, especially in the primary grades. This is one of many instances where art crosses the curriculum and ties in with other areas of learning.

    When doing grades in art, I will use a checklist or rubric. 

    Art class can be messy! Please don't send your child to school with a new outfit on art day. Because of space restrictions and health concerns, we do not store smocks. If an accident occurs, try spotting with a liquid detergent before washing. ( I've gotten pretty good at getting paint out, but it doesn't ALWAYS come out.)

Last Modified on May 28, 2008