• TeamworkAt Southside Elementary School, the Lifeskills and Lifelong Guidelines guide every decision we make.

    It is also the foundation we use to help each learner grow academically, socially, and emotionally.

    Lifelong Guidelines
    • Active Listening - Value the person talking and hear his/her message
    • No Put Downs - Don't say or do something which hurts others
    • Trust - Treating others with respect creates a caring environment
    • Personal Best - Have pride and set big expectations
    • Integrity - Acting by what is right and wrong
    • Initiative - Doing something that needs to be done
    • Flexibility - Alter plans when necessary
    • Perseverance - Completing what you start
    • Organization - Planning, arranging, and implementing
    • Sense of Humor - Laughing without hurting others
    • Effort - Trying your hardest
    • Common Sense - Using good judgement
    • Problem Solving - Seeking solutions to difficult situations
    • Responsibility - Being accountable for your actions
    • Patience - Waiting calmly for someone or something
    • Friendship - Making and keeping friends by trusting and caring
    • Curiosity - Wanting to know and learn about things
    • Cooperation - Working together towarda purpose
    • Caring - Feeling concern for others
    • Courage - To act accordingly to one's beliefs
    • Pride - Satisfaction from doing one's personal best.
    • Resourcefulness - To respond to challenges and opportunities in innovative and creative ways
Last Modified on May 24, 2008