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    Dear Parents:


    We are pleased to have your child in the TEAM classes for the school year 2015-2016.

    We will try very hard to see that each child gets a good start in school and has
    a rewarding year.


    The following supplies are necessary for each student:

    ·      30 - #2 Pencils (and  a package of mechanical pencils if your student prefers)

    ·      Scissors (Pointed Fiskars)

    ·      Backpack or book bag

    ·      1 large box of Kleenex

    ·      Container of disinfecting wipes

    ·      4 Erasers

    ·      1 -12 in. ruler

    ·      4  Glue sticks

    ·      Washable Crayola markers

    ·      School box (small) or pencil pouch

    ·      1 Spiral-bound notebooks ( NOT “College-Rule”)

    ·      6 – Pocket folders (vinyl) with brads in colors: blue, red, green, yellow, purple, orange

    ·      3 ring page protectors – need approximately 25 – 30

    ·      Crayons (16 or 24 box)

    ·      Colored pencils, 2 -small boxes

    ·      3-Ring binder (3” white) – First year students only

    ·      White t-shirt prewashed without fabric softener for tie-dying

    ·      Highlighter any color -  (2)

    ·      1 dry erase marker chisel tip any color

    ·      1 compass for second and third graders


    Come to Explorer’s Club 2015!!

    We hope you enjoy your summer and make it a time to continue your learning experiences. We are currently

    planning a special morning for all TEAM students to get together to share and explore their summer experiences.
    That day is Friday, July 31st. Please bring your child to Southside by 8:30 a.m. and plan to pick him/her up
    at 10:45 a.m.  Please bring a white t-shirt prewashed  without fabric softener for a tie-dying activity. This day
    will be a wonderful opportunity for our “new” TEAM members to get acquainted with their new teachers and
    TEAM-mates. We hope to see all of you here for our TEAM Explorer Club! Don't forget to bring your explorer's tools.
    We hope to see all of you here for our TEAM Explorer Club!


    Southside’s Open House will be Thursday, July 30th from 5:30-6:30 p.m. The first student day is Monday, August 3rd. 

    **Please do not bring classroom supplies to Explorer’s Club or open house.






         Please feel free to contact either of us by email or school telephone (376-4423) if you have a problem or question. You can also visit our website
       at https://www.bcsc.k12.in.us//Domain/1071. We are looking forward to a great year!     


    Mr. Voelz and Mrs. Stultz

    voelzt@bcsc.k12.in.us        stultzk@bcsc.k12.in.us















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