• Rockcreek Pride

    Written by Nancy Kirshman, Carmella Musillami, and Vince Laine

    Oh yes we’re Rockcreek Bulldogs strong and proud,
    We let our spirit show by cheering loud.
    We’re gonna raise our colors gold and black,
    Our pride will always lead the
    Bull - Dog - Pack!
    You’ll always see our courage shining bright,
    We make the effort and we have the might.
    Oh yes we're Rockcreek Bulldogs ‘til the end.
    Go, fight, win!

    cheer break:
    We're here, responsible, respectful, and safe.
    Rockcreek Bulldogs, together all the way!
    repeat verse

    "Rockcreek Pride" is build upon our Lifelong Guidelines and Lifeskills. The cheer break is based upon our "Be Line" expectations. When we sing "Rockcreek Pride" we pledge to support our educational goals and to always do our personal best. We are Rockcreek Bulldogs strong and proud!

    Our students in grades 1 through 6 recorded "Rockcreek Pride." The recording has thirteen different tracks, one for each class and one for the band (see image below.) The recording process was quite similar to the process used in professional recording studios.
    School Song

Last Modified on August 29, 2008