It is the goal of the BCSC Facilities Maintenance Staff to implement the Optimal Learning Environment Standards throughout the school district.


    Optimal Learning Environment Standards

    Indoor Air Quality

    Temperature Control 70o--74o

    Relative Humidity 50%-60%

    CO2   <700 ppm above out door levels.


    Classroom - 60 foot candles

    Gymnasium - 80 foot candles with spectators and 50 foot candles for recreational and class purposes

    Hallways and corridors - 35 foot candles

    Cafeteria -50 foot candles
    Noise  Attemp to maintain background noise levels  -45 dB 
    Air Movement (Drafts) Eliminate and control air infilitration and drafts.
    Filtration - Proper air filtration is required to maintain proper indoor air quality; therefore, BCSC has implemented a filter maintenance program that adheres to the manufacturer recommended replacement schedule.


    To report a concern or ask a question about the Indoor Air Quality in a BCSC facility please contact the district's Indoor Air Quality Coordinator.
    Martin Roberts
    Indoor Air Quality Coordinator
    Transporation and Maintenance Building
    1260 N. Marr Road
    Columbus, IN 47201
    Ph.  812-376-4219
    E-mail: robertsm@bcsc.k12.in.us
Last Modified on September 19, 2018