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    RCA-Research, Challenge, & Application                                                 30 points each/ 120 pts Total

    RCA's are a graded activity.

    Each RCA question can be answered up to two times

    RCA’s are completed in Sessions 2, 3, 4, & 5

    Each RCA is worth 30 points

    Four RCA’s per Rotation

    Students responsible to research answers to RCA's

    Teamwork an important part of your success

    Analysis of Charts and Graphs critical to success


    Post Test   

    Completed independently                                                                                  10 points /Question/100 pts Total

    Completed in Session #7

    Consist of ten questions

    Each question is worth 10 points.


    Assessments:                                                                                               12 questions/5 pts. each/ 60 pts Total

    Due within 5 school days of the close of the Rotation

    Each assessment is worth 20 points

    Three assessments per rotation

    Students are responsible to turn in Activity Assessment Sheet.

    Write out answers to Assessment Questions

    Turn on Call Light and show any demonstrations to your instructor

    Extra Credit can be earned for missed or low assessment scores


    Extra Credit activities: (Each may be completed once per module)               10 points each

    Parent Briefing

    Career Investigation

    Technical Writing

    Vocabulary                                                       (Additional information available

    Module Crossword                                            in the enrichment section of each

    Internet Exploration                                           module.)



    Module wrap-up activities:

    Take notes

    Write out answers to Assessment Questions

    Show all activities to your teacher within five days of the end of the module.

    Staple all written work to Module Activity Sheet

    Turn all work including Assessments by the Due Date


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