• Weight Training and Conditioning


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    Weight Training and Conditioning

    Open to grades 10,11,12

    1 semester, 1 credit per sem

    Note: This course is possible second semester for grade 9.

    Approximate cost per semester: $3.15

    Meets requirements of: THD, AHD elective

    Prerequisite(s): Have passed 71402 PE I (Team Sports) AND 72401 PE II (Individual sports) or have success­fully waived physical education 1 and/or 2.

    The course provides students the opportunity to learn and intensively train in fundamentals of weight training and speed, agility, quickness (SAQ). Weight room emphasis is placed on muscular hypertrophy (base building), muscular strength, peak strength and muscular flexibility. Movement emphasis is placed on improving straight line speed, lateral agility, foot quickness. The program focuses on athleticism and is not limited to, but is especially valuable for students in sports at North.
    Mr. Sharp


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