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    The C4 Business cluster will prepare students for careers in financial service businesses such as: stock broker, real estate, banking, accounting, mortgage broker, insurance, investment advisor, financial planner and entrepreneur. Course listings and descriptions can be found on: Business Course Guide.


    Pathway Documents


    Career Pathway documents are designed to show students some possible career opportunities that are open to them depending on their interests, strengths and competencies. Meeting the career-related needs of students calls for alignment with career opportunities in authentic work settings. Career Pathways provide a useful framework to aid both students and educators in making those meaningful connections to the working world. C4 is creating and publishing Career Pathway Documents within its designated Career Majors.

    The first type of pathway listed in the C4 website is designed for the students who may know what broad career field they are interested in pursuing, but they are still exploring the career options available.  Working from this model, Cwill prepare students to enter a number of post secondary options which are available in the state of Indiana.
    The second career pathway publication is designed for the student who has decided on a career choice. This pathway is one that is written between C4 and one post secondary institution where a dual credit or articulation agreement is in place. With this document, the student will see a secondary listing of proposed courses to prepare him or her for post secondary studies and also will find a four semester listing of the courses needed while enrolled in the post secondary institution. 
    To help students plan their career and college goals, pathway documents are being developed: 
    Accounting – Ivy Tech Community College
    Business Administration – Ivy Tech Community College

    Technical Honors Diploma

    Recognizing the success of the career and technical program in students’ lives, Indiana created the Core 40 with Technical Honors Diploma. This diploma emphasizes rigorous academic standards and expectations along with vital technical skills. The Core 40 with Technical Honors Diploma prepares students to easily move from high school to college, the workforce, or elsewhere with a clear focus on their career goals.

    Advantages of a Core 40 with Technical Honors Diploma for students include:

    ·         preparation for both college and careers,

    ·         opportunities to earn college credits while still in high school,

    ·         opportunities to explore Indiana’s high wage and high-demand occupations,

    ·         ability to move more easily into their college major, saving time and money,

    ·         options to gain practical, real-world working experience,

    ·         chances to earn employer-recognized certifications,

    ·         learning valuable skills and training sought by Indiana employers.




    Business Management and Finance Technical Honors Diploma

    Student Leadership Organization

    BPA, Business Professionals of America, is for students pursuing careers in business management, office administration, information technology and other related career fields. BPA has a history as a student organization that contributes to the preparation of a world-class workforce through the advancement of leadership, citizenship, academics and technological skills for students at the Secondary and the Postsecondary levels. Through co-curricular programs and services, members of Business Professionals of America compete in demonstrations of their business technology skills, network with one another and professionals across the nation, and get involved in the betterment of their community through good works projects.




Last Modified on June 14, 2018