• Young Hoosier Book Award
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    What is the Young Hoosier Book Award ?

    Student participation in pleasure reading was the thrust behind the creation of Young Hoosier Book Award (YHBA) Program in 1974-75. By allowing students to vote for their favorite books, media professionals hoped that more students could be motivated to read more newly published books.

    Any school in Indiana serving students in grades K-8 may participate if it:

    1. Makes sure at least 12 of the 20 nominated titles in a category are available to students.

    2. Provides ballots for each student who has read or heard read at least 12 of the Primary Picture Book nominees or five of the nominated books in the Intermediate or Middle Grades categories.

    3. Tallies its students’ voting forms and reports the results to the Indiana Library Federation office by May 1st.

    Who May Vote?

    Voting forms (ballots) should be provided to any student in a participating school who has read or has heard read:

    1. 12 of the 20 books nominated in the Picture Book category

    2. 5 of the 20 books nominated in the Intermediate category


Last Modified on March 2, 2015