• Mt. Healthy Teammate Award

    This award is given in honor of Mr. & Mrs. Kip and Aleta Kiel for their many years of dedication and effort they have given to the students at Mt. Healthy Elementary School.
    This award is given to a cheerleader, boys basketball player, and girls basketball player each year in recognition of their dedication and effort to their team and school. These student athletes lead by example on the floor, in the classroom, and in the community. These young men and young women make their team, school, and community a better place.
    2014-2015 Recipients
    Cheerleader - Shalynn Richards
    Girls Basketball - Joecee Lawson
    Boys Basketball - Gage Bayne
    2013-2014 Recipients
     Cheerleader - Emma Jackson
    Girls Basketball - Michaela Greathouse
    Boys Basketball - Darius Bennett
    2012-2013 Recipients
    Cheerleader - Chelsea Reeves
    Girls Basketball - Anna Holle
    Boys Basketball - Nash Murphy
    2011-2012 Recipients
    Cheerleader - Gracie Schultheis
    Girls Basketball - Holly Nagel
    Boys Basketball - Nate Stamper
    2010-2011 Recipients
     Cheerleader - McKenna Chandler
    Girls Basketball - Kary Horner
    Boys Basketball - Mitchell Burton
    2009-2010 Recipients
     Cheerleader - Amy Weisner
    Girls Basketball - Lillie Petro
    Boys Basketball - Seth Nasby
    2008-2009 Recipients
    Cheerleader - Morgan Blackwood
    Girls Basketball - Hannah McCord
    Boys Basketball - Jesse Brownfield
    2007-2008 Recipients
    Cheerleader - Michaela Morris
    Girls Basketball - Lexi Olmstead
    Boys Basketball - Zach Barnes
    2006-2007 Recipients
    Cheerleader - Ericka Russell
    Girls Basketball - Diana Hilycord
    Boys Basketball - Hunter Boggs