• How to raise a grateful child

    1.                               1. Be grateful parents: Kids learn from us 24-7 – we don’t get to choose that. So let’s make sure they live with    parents who are grateful for what they have, express it frequently, and back that up in the way they live.

    2.                             2.   Do not spoil them: It’s a fact – kids who have more stuff than they need don’t even like what they have anymore. When parents help feed the ungrateful habit.

    3.                              3.  Make them earn stuff: When kids miss the natural relationship between work and reward they also lose the connection between good things and pleasure. It’s tough to be grateful when things are acquired unnaturally.

    4.                              4.  Make sure they sometimes don’t get what they want: You’re the parent, you’re allowed to manipulate the playing deck for a good cause. Make sure - once in a while - the kids don’t get the cheese.

    5.                               5. Teach them to serve others: Volunteer for a community service together; serve the homeless; organize a gift drive; share with those who have nothing.

    6.                                6.Teach them to be generous: This is the next step. Generosity is not passing along our left-overs.  Real generosity costs something.  It may take time, sweat, and a great deal of effort. Real generosity is a huge step toward gratitude.

    7.                              7.  Never bail them out of responsibility: When children are not allowed to own the consequences of their decisions or actions, then they bypass fundamental lessons and fail to understand the reason for gratitude. If we think the lessons are too hard, they will never fully understand.

Last Modified on September 13, 2010