• 9 Ways to Get Involved with Your Child's Education

                         9 Ways to Get Involved in Your Child's Education


    1)    Talk to your child every day about his or her school experiences, successes, and worries.

    2)    Read the CSA handbook and all communications sent home with your child.

    3)    Meet your child's teacher and attend parent-teachers conferences.

    4)    Consult your child's teacher whenever you have concerns.

    5)    Attend school events and activities.

    6)    Stay aware of your child's academic progress. Praise all earnest efforts and accomplishments.

    7)    Review homework assignments each day and help your child organize time and work.

    8)    Provide learning experiences. Visit museums, watch educational TV shows, and have books and other learning materials available at home.

    9)    Take advantage of the CSA Parent Volunteer activities. From classroom assistance to field trips, and school events. There are many opportunities to get involved and offer your services.



    Your attention and involvement show your child that school is important.

Last Modified on September 21, 2010