• Private Lessons

              Private lessons can be a great experience for any child interested in music.  Generally this requires purchasing or renting an instrument, committing to weekly lessons with a private teacher, and practicing at home during the week.  This is a great way for students to learn more about music and to be a part of something they can really be proud of.  Playing music makes kids think in a way that they might not when studying other subjects and requires students to learn about hard work and self discipline.  After mastering their first song on a new instrument kids will undoubtably feel a sense of pride in doing something on their own that they can share with others. 
              I've compiled a list of area teachers for different instruments below.  If you have any suggestions for other teachers you have worked with I would be happy to add them. 

    Piano Teachers:

    Cami Anderson                    375-9783

    Ed Bruenjes                          376-8474

    Nancy Crump                        372-8163 (flute also)

                Martha Erickson                   372-1617
                Jill Fiedersdorf                      812-350-9854

    Cynthia Stephenson             378-5117

                Aubrie Yeh                             603-396-3704

                 Claudia Slabaugh                  Luke22. 19. 20 @ gmail.com (flute and harp also). 




    Columbus Philharmonic Strings Program – run at CSA - Lincoln

    Camilla Kincer         378-0525

    Laura Andrews         372-6030




                Camilla Gehring (see Mr. Kohne for details)

                Nicholas Kohne 376-4447; kohnen@bcsc.k12.in.us 



    Mark Yeaton at yeatonm@bcsc.k12.in.us                
    Tom Pickett Music Center 372-6700 (various instructors)
              Albert Nolting - 350-7043; noltinga@yahoo.com
                Nicholas Kohne 376-4447; kohnen@bcsc.k12.in.us 


Last Modified on March 29, 2018