• On-Line Personnel Form and Instructions 


    NOTE: After completing the Personnel Form please forward it on to Dee Dee Stillinger and refer to Employee Time Report webpage for instructions on reporting timed worked.

    The On-Line Personnel Form the only way for Certified and Support Staff new hires, transfers and resignations to be tracked in BCSC and processed correctly by Human Resources and Payroll. Please download the form, follow the instructions and fill out to process. This form is to be emailed by the supervisor/director to Dee Dee Stillinger.

    Click here to download the On-Line Personnel Form

    On the form there are three sections:


    to the corporation (even if the employee has worked for us previously and left).
    Please fill out all sections above New Employee (certified – support staff – full time – temp etc.) plus the New Employee section.

    A newly hired employee that receives benefits needs to call Benefits Coordinator, Dee Dee Stillinger, 376-4203 or email Dee Dee at stillingerd@bcsc.k12.in.us to set an appointment to complete tax and insurance paperwork. If the employee does not receive insurance benefits they can stop by the Administration Building to fill out the necessary tax papers. Please bring a voided personal check along with a social security card and drivers license. Paychecks will not be issued if the proper paperwork is not turned in.


    (to be completed by employee’s new supervisor).

    This section requires the new position title and it is mandatory that the rate of pay and account number is listed. An example would be if a person moves across the hallway while at the same school, and are to be paid out of a different account or their hourly rate changes, the new supervisor needs to fill out this section of the form.

    (please attach letter of resignation/retirement).

    This section is for an employee leaving the corporation due to a resignation, retirement or if they are terminated. It is important that a date and reason is identified. The open position can not be posted until a letter of resignation or retirement is attached.


    Please include any information in this box that you would like to share about the employee’s position, years of experience, if they have another position within BCSC, etc.

Last Modified on July 24, 2014