me Writing is powerful.
    Trailblazer team is an awesome team!
    Welcome to my page. :)
    I teach Writing and Literacy 7 on the Trailblazer team.
    Waaay back in 1994, I student-taught at CEHS and then at NMS, then was hired by the legendary Miss Lyster in July 1995. I taught for six years at CNHS and transferred to NMS in 2002. In my early teaching years, I also taught college writing classes W001, W131 and W132 for IUPUI and IUPUC many times. I also taught BCSC middle school summer school many times--and once I was the summer school principal. My daughter went to BCSC schools and so did my two step-kids. They are all adults now. My students and I benefit from my many years of experience! I love my career and look forward to each day. 
    My education:  
    BS in English Education (Honors), Indiana University, 1995
    MS in Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment; Walden University, 2011.
    A little about me: 
    My husband and I live in Brown County--the county just west of Bartholomew County--where it's as hilly as the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. We love our dog and cats, our bees, our chickens, and the forest. We also love to kayak, hike, garden, play music, drive the backroads, and have lots of adventures. This summer I have started learning bike maintence. After many wonderful years on motorcycles, my husband and I are migrating over to bicycles!
    Of course, I love writing and reading--especially non-fiction informative writing. I am a certified Master Gardener and Master Naturalist and have just started work toward becoming a certified Interpreter for the National Park System. On Sundays, I am an interpreter at T. C. Steele State Historic Site.
    I *love* helping students become stronger writers.
    I *love* helping students find their voice.
    If you're visiting my page for the first time and are wondering if you want to be my student, I'm so glad you're here. I hope to meet you soon. Reach out with questions anytime. :)
    Required for class daily:
    Pencils and pens (no red ones, please)
    Green folder (I can provide these.)
    NMS assignment book 
    Composition book (I provide these and they stay in the classroom until the end of the year.)
    A pencil case with erasers and highlighters
    Lined note-book paper in a notebook or binder



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