• Creating America

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    Themes of American History:
    Democratic Ideals:
    Americans have built their society around the principles of democracy. In a democracy, power lies with the people, and every individual enjoys basic rights that cannot be taken away. What right or freedom do you consider the most important?

    Citizens enjoy rights and freedoms found in very few places around the world. Yet Americans have a responsibility and a duty to the world around them. What responsibilities or duties do you have?

    Impact of the Individual
    United States is not the story of just government and laws but also of individuals. Individuals have made a huge impact on the development of American society. What impact will you make?
    Diversity and Unity:
    The United States has been a land of many people, cultures and faiths. The blend of ethnic, racial and religious groups have helped to create a rich and uniquely American culture.
    Immigration and Migration
    With the U.S. large numbers of people have immigrated or migrated to different regions within our country. This has not always been voluntary. Why do you think people continue to immigrate to the United States today?

    Expansion: After the United States declared its independence from Great Britain, the country began to expand itself from the 13 original colonies, eventually crossing the Appalachian Mountains and to the west coast fulfilling the idea of Manifest Destiny.
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