• 7th Grade Course Description


           The Northside Middle School seventh grade science curriculum uses an integrated approach to general science that focuses on environmental sciences, life science, and Earth science. This design allows the staff to meet the needs of the individual student while aligning with the Indiana State Science Standards for 7th grade.
         Hands on activities are stressed and include student discovery, laboratory experiments, problem solving, model building, cooperative learning, computer usage, classroom discussion, teacher demonstrations, and writing opportunities for research and self-expression. Interdisciplinary subject areas are incorporated whenever possible. Students are introduced to the use of scientific tools and methods used for investigations.

         Following this exposure to scientific inquiry, students study Earth's surface, Earthquakes, volcanoes, and tectonic forces. Next they move on to the inside of the Earth, rocks, minerals, and how they are formed.
         The second semester leads them through life science, cells, and immunization. The last quarter ties together all areas through ecology and environmental studies. Most importantly we try to help the students realize the close connection between studying science and their own lives.
    Click here to view the 7th grade science standards.

Last Modified on July 18, 2014