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    Daily Educational Field Trips
    1. Limited to 20 buses per day corporation wide.
    2. There will be no extended day trips. All trips are to leave after 8:15  and return TO THE SCHOOL BY 2:10.
    3. It is the teacher’s responsibility to see that the bus/buses return on time.
    4. Requests are to be entered into the field trip software two weeks prior to trip leaving.
    5. Directions for all locations are pre-built into the system. IF you have other directions or want to explain details of the trip use the software field marked 'Customer Special Instructions.' DO NOT ENTER ANYTHING IN THE FIELD MARKED “DIRECTIONS."
    6. Cost is $16.40 per hour and $ 2.50 per mile (2.50 for non-BCSC use). The minimum trip fee is $28.73 (minimum= 2 hours or less)
    7. There is to be at least one teacher or chaperone on each bus.
    8. The driver is responsible for the overall safety of the trip.  Teachers/chaperones are responsible for assisting the driver with discipline of students.
    9. Trips are charged an extra 1/2 hour for prep time. If post trip clean up is extreme extra charges may be necessary.
    10. White 14 passenger mini-buses are available for teachers and coaches to drive in State trips. Fees are mileage only– schools will be charged $50 if cleaning is necessary (severe damage will also be charged). Training is required and available by calling the transportation office.
    11. Changes to trips are to be made through the Transportation Office.
    12. No trips are to be scheduled the last week of school or on any corporation school ½ day or early release days. Please see the Field Trip Software Calendar--days that are shown in pink are closed (no trips allowed).
    13. Make sure you use your schools initials in the Trip Name.  ie:  PSE-IRT    CMS-Zoo    Failure to do this will result in your trip being rejected.
    All field trips, athletic trips, and extra-curricular trips must be accompanied by a qualified person who will be responsible for student behavior and care of the school bus. The chaperone/sponsor must assure that the following rules are observed by all passengers under their responsibility.
    1. Standard bus rules are in effect.
    2. Eating, drinking, or chewing gum is not allowed. The driver may give special consideration based on the length of the trip.
    3. Animals, reptiles, insects, fowl, fireworks, glass or other dangerous or unsanitary objects are not permitted on the bus. Service animals are allowed.
    4. Equipment may not be transported on the bus that would damage the bus or block the driver’s view-aisle, entry or exits.
    5. The wearing of cleats or spiked athletic footwear on the bus is prohibited. It is the responsibility of the chaperone and group to remove trash, clothing, etc., generated by that group.
    6. Drivers are permitted to go only to the locations stated on the request form; however minor deviations in order to eat are allowed.
    7. Electronic devices and cell phones are allowed but no pictures or recording devices allowed.
    8. Sponsors must caution the students that the buses are unable to be locked as securely as cars. Taking valuables on a trip is not recommended. The school, bus driver, nor transportation department are responsible for items lost or stolen from the bus.
    9. Sponsors are requested to consult with the driver regarding the departure time from the visitation location. If possible, cell phone numbers should be exchanged.
    10. Drivers are not to transport any group without coaches/sponsors/chaperones sitting throughout the bus. Drivers will not require specific seat assignments.
    11. The requesters responsibility is to arrange for transportation of storage and lunches. All buses have different sizes of cargo bays. If the coolers do not fit, then a parent should take them. Nothing can be in the aisles or blocking the back door. Everything must be secure.
    Field Trip Schedules 
    Mon-Fri...........................8:15 (am)
    Mon-Fri...........................2:10 (pm) NO LATER
    Mon-Fri(evening)............4:15 (pm) NO EARLIER
    Sat - Sun.........................anytime

    Route Determination: 
    The bus driver has the sole authority for determining the route to be taken for all trips. The driver may take suggestions from the sponsor or other persons as to the best route, but retains the responsibility for the final decision for the most appropriate route. When multiple buses are used on a trip, the route will be coordinated among all of the drivers and all buses will travel together as a group after departing the school. Common courtesy is to stay in line. All drivers must be familiar with the route prior to departing.
    1. Bus has enough fuel for the trip
    2. Bus is completely fueled after the trip
    3. Interior is swept out
    4. Any spills are cleaned
    5. Any dirt cleaned off of seats
    6. All trash removed
    If the regular driver or other personnel report that the above items are not being completed or are being neglected on a continual basis after field trips; will result in disciplinary action.  
    Cancelled or Shortened Trips:
     If the driver has been notified beforehand of a trip cancellation, the trip is not counted. Should the driver be notified of the cancellation after arriving at the pick-up location, the driver would receive the compensation of one (1) minimum trip. In the event a trip should be cancelled after a driver has attempted to be prompt, the driver will be compensated one half (1/2) minimum trip.


    Athletic / Music Trips

    All rules are the same for Athletics as stated above unless otherwise documented below

    1. Requests are to be entered into the field trip software (Trip Tracker) two weeks prior to trip leaving. 
    2. Once a trip is approved changes or rescheduling trips are made through the Transportation Office.
    3. Arrangements are to be made for trips to leave after 4:15pm  Any earlier time cannot be guaranteed and will need approval by the Transportation Office.  


    Out-of-State Trips

    1. Requests are to be entered into the field trip software ONE MONTH PRIOR TO board approval.
    2. Trips out of state during school time are limited to 4 buses per day corporation wide (only if subs subs are available). 
    3. Buses are to leave after 8:15 a.m. and are to return by 2:10 p.m.
    4. Changes to trips are made through the Transportation Office, not with the driver.
    5. Clear directions for all locations are to be sent to the Transportation Office.
    6. Trips cannot involve more than two hundred (200) miles of travel out of state (100 out and 100 back into state line).
    Overnight & Out-of-State 
    Charters must be used for trips of this nature. No trips of this nature will be considered for use with BCSC buses.
     Calculations (within the State) when determining seat capacity are as follows:  


    Bus Sizes

    Vehicle Capacity


    3/seat (Elementary)

    2/seat (HS/MS & some 5th & 6th grade students)

    78 Passenger

    Regular bus with or w/o seatbelts



    78 Passenger with 1 Wheelchair

    Regular bus with or w/o seatbelts

    1 wheelchair station



    78 Passenger with 2 Wheelchair

    Regular bus with or w/o seatbelts

    2 wheelchair stations



    72 Passenger

    Regular bus with or w/o seatbelts



    66 Passenger

    Regular bus with or w/o seatbelts



    54 Passenger with 3 Wheelchairs

    Regular bus with or w/o seatbelts

    3 wheelchair stations






    BCSC does not allow the use of school buses for non-BCSC student use.  Buses are available during the week from 8:15 and must return by 2:10.  On weekends or times when school is not in session there are no time restrictions.

           Driver Rate            $16.40 per hour 
           Driver Minimum Trip Rate   $28.73 (2 hours or less)
           Mileage Rate          $2.50 per mile
    Organization must supply:
    • Certificate of $5,000,000 insurance
    • Magnetic signage of organization’s name renting the bus: Banner style;
      Size: No larger than 6 ½ x 65” inches (Prestige Printing has all necessary info)
Last Modified on October 14, 2019