• Eligibility to Ride

    Allowed Ridership:


    As specified by state statute school children who are attending a parochial school and reside on a regular route may be provided transportation.  This transportation may be from their home on the regular route nearest or most easily accessible to their home, and to and from the parochial school. (IC 20-9-1-7-1)


    As specified by state statute to be eligible to ride a bus all children must be enrolled in a school program sanctioned by Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation. (IC 20-27-9-1-b) and (IC 20-27-2-11)

    Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation School Board has established walk zones around all BCSC schools.

    Ridership Boundaries:


    Transportation will be provided for those High Schools students living further than a distance of one and one half (1.5) miles, and for the Elementary students living further than one (1) mile.  Students living within one (1) or one half  (1.5) mile area of their school are consider in the school districts “walk zone”.

    The Transportation Manager shall make determination of exceptions.


    Exception; Accelerated students, or special programs.


    Any student wishing to attend a school outside their home school will be responsible to provide their own transportation.


    Students Special Permission To Ride Another Bus:


    A student desiring to ride a bus other than their regularly assigned bus is to have permission from their parent/guardian and stamped by their school.  Students that cannot provide stamped documentation from their school will not be allowed to ride another bus.  Notes given to the driver unstamped will not be accepted. Drivers may not make informal agreements with students.

Last Modified on March 23, 2015