• Online Subscription Databases


    The following are databases that we subscribe to at Central Middle School.  Most of the databases will ask for a remote username and password that are available through the CMS media center.  They are very useful for online research.  For more information, please see Mrs. Fee in the media center. 


    World Book Online contains articles from the 22-volume print set.  This Internet version of World Book offers related articles, web sites, pictures, videos, and sound clips.


    SIRS Researcher contains full-text articles and graphics exploring social, scientific, health, historic, economic, business, political and global issues.  Internal links include:  Leading  Issues, Natural Disasters, Focus on Terrorism, Today’s News, Maps of the World, World Almanac Excerpts, and much more. 


    CultureGrams contains cultural reports for more than 200 countries each include 25 categories such as land and climate, history, personal appearance, greetings, gestures, family, diet, holidays, economy, education, health, and events and trends.

    Explora is a part of Indiana's Virtual Library. EXPLORA is a collection of academic databases and other information resources that can be accessed by Indiana residents using any computer equipped with an Internet Protocol (IP) address located in Indiana.

    NetTrekker is an academic search engine.  Online resources are previewed and selected by educators.  You can quickly and easily find websites for your own use or for your  children.  These resources are organized according to readability level and are age-appropriate.

    Learn 360

    Learn 360 is a mulit-media resource.  It contains a large collection of standards based videos, video clips and audio programs. 


    BrainPOP is a database containing curriculum based content for students and teachers.


    Axis 360/Blio is a digital media platform that includes Blio (an ereading software applictaion).  eBooks can be downloaded in EPUB or PDF formats, or in Blio to serve a range of PCs, ereaders, and mobile devices.  For more information, please see the media specialist.


    Follettshelf eBooks and Audiobooks is a downloadable eBook and audiobook collection.  eBooks and audiobooks can be streamed online or the app can be downloaded onto a mobile device.  For more information, please see the media specialist.

Last Modified on July 21, 2015