• AR Incentive Program


    AR Book Bucks
    Book bucks are earned by points received on AR quizzes, monthly AR top ten point earners, and special occasions. You may redeem Book Bucks as you receive them or you may save them to earn a larger prize. Pay attention to other special events that may arise to redeem and earn Book Bucks.
    AR Store 25 points (one Book Buck) 50 points (two Book Bucks) 100 points (three Book Bucks) 150 points (four Book Bucks) 200 points (five Book Bucks) 250 points (six Book Bucks) 300 points (seven Book Bucks)
    One Book Buck/get lunch first coupon/item from small prize bin
    Two Book Bucks/item from large prize bin
    Three Book Bucks/free ice cream coupon from cafeteria
    Five Book Bucks/free magazine of choice or $3 added to lunch account
    Six Book Bucks/free paperback book of choice
    Seven Book Bucks/free off-campus lunch
    It is your responsibility to notify teacher of points earned. To receive Book Bucks and special
    coupons/prizes you will need to obtain a library pass from a team teacher. Book Bucks and
    coupons/prizes are only available through the media center.
    Young Hoosier Book Award Program
    Participating in the YHBA program is as easy as 1-2-3!
    1.  Sign up for the program through the media center.
    2.  Read five books off this school year's 6-8 YHBA nominee list.
    3.  For the book to be valid you must take and pass its accompanying Accelerated Reader quiz or write a critique about the book (forms are available through the media center).
    Important Dates
    Last day to take quiz:  April 19, 2017
    Voting Day:  April 26, 2017
    YHBA Coffee Can Contest
    Don't forget to sign up for the monthly Coffee Can contest after you pass a Young Hoosier nominee quiz!
Last Modified on September 23, 2016