• Welcome to Central Middle School Guidance

    COUNSELORS:    Sharon Williams williamssh@bcsc.k12.in.us or phone 812-376-4406                                   
                              Kim Van vank@bcsc.k12.in.us or phone 376-4407 SCHOOL PHONE: 812-376-4286 or 812-376-4386
    Ms. Sharon Williams is the 7th grade counselor for the 2019-12 school year.  Ms. Williams, in her fourth year at Central, has over 20 years experience in community service.  She has worked for the YMCA and other community organizations, focusing her energy on helping children, youth and families be successful in their relationships with one another. 
    Ms. Kim Van is the 8th grade counselor for the 2019-20 school year. Ms. Van is new to the Central family this year and we are excited to have her here.   Prior to joining the staff at Central, she served as a counselor for community based programs. 
    Counselors provide a comprehensive, developmental program for all students. This includes helping students building personal and social skills, become the best students academically they can be, and help students prepare for whatever their futures may hold.  How do they do this? By helping students make a smooth transition to the middle school and from year to year. They provide classroom guidance lessons that are aligned with the Indiana Student Standards for Guidance. These standards are voluntary and considered by the state to be essential for student preparation for college and the workforce. Counselors also work with students individually and in small groups on pertinent issues. Consultation with teachers, administrators, and parents is focused on helping students be successful. All information shared with a counselor remains confidential unless there may be a potential harm to the student or others.
Last Modified on October 18, 2019