August 22-31  Geography social studies standards covered.  
    States and Capitals test will be given September 7, as well as all geography standards covered in class. Students have been reviewing in class.  Look for note cards to come home.
    Students have been studying the Five Themes of Geography, physical, natural resource, and climate maps of the United States.
    The week of September 6-9, 2011......Important note: Test Friday!

    Tuesday September 6, 2011


                    Five themes of geography review.

                    Activity – Students will have the opportunity to review again the themes of geography and improve their scores from their map activity.  There will be an in class lecture on the five themes of geography then the students will have an opportunity to re-create their assignment in order to get more points.

                    The map activity will be homework due on Wednesday the 7th.


    Wednesday September 7, 2011


                    Review – Students will create state and capital flashcards

                    Homework Due – Map activity for theme of geography review.

                    Students will receive a review sheet that they will be allowed to use for the test.  They will have time in class to fill it out and be able to use the textbooks that are located in the room to


    Thursday September 8, 2011


                    The first fifteen minutes will be devoted to using the students’ states and capitals flashcards.

                    Students will be given additional time to finish their review sheet.  The only way that the students can use the review sheet on the test is if it is handwritten.




    Friday September 9, 2011


                    Students will be given an exam.  They will be able to use their review sheets as long as the writing on the sheet is handwritten.
    Week of September 12-16, 2011
    We are beginning the study of government.
    This week we will be introducing the Constitution.  In class we will be doing Activities that allow them to read and interpret important part of the Constitution.
    There will be two assignments due on Friday.  One will be an explanation that of the students personal powers.  The other assignment will be a collection of  biographies that they will be receiving throughout the week.  They should have the questions that are on the back answered in order to receive full credit.
    Week of September 19-23, 2011

    Monday September 19, 2011


    Students completed a bellringer which is the first of four that will be due on Friday.  Then the students listened to a short lecture on the main responsibilities of the president.  They then participated in a question activity that will be continued on Tuesday.  Students created posters for the five main responsibilities of the president then wrote all of their questions on them.


    Tuesday September 20, 2011


    Students completed a bellringer which is the second of four that will be due on Friday.

    Reading guides that cover the topics we have been discussing in class will be given to students in order for them to complete.

    The question activity about the president will continue with the students working in groups to find the best question on the posters they created on Monday.



    Wednesday September 21, 2011


    Students read for 20 minutes at the beginning of class.  They then handed in their homework (Reading Study guide).  The topic covered in class today was checks and balances in the government.  The students learned how the three branches of government interact with each other.


    Thursday September 22, 2011


    Students complete a bell ringer that involves the topics covered in Wednesdays lecture.  The activities today cover the Supreme Court and then we start the bill of rights.  Students will have an insight to how the cases move through the court’s system.  Students will be turning in their bell ringers on Friday the 23rd.


    Friday September 23rd, 2011


    Students will complete a small quiz that covers the content from the week.  They will then turn in their bell ringers and receive any graded papers that need to be returned to them.  The activities for the rest of class will be for the students to illustrate three of the first ten amendments (also known as the Bill of Rights).

    Total assignments:
    The compiled set of Bellringers
    In class Presidential Questions Activity
    Bill of Rights illustration Activity
    Week of September 26th through the 27th.
    Students will review the bill of rights and then review the entire government curriculum we have done.  They should complete a Study guide for thursday.  Thursday there will be a quiz and then the students will get the opportunity to have silent reading for the rest of the class.  Friday we will begin the civics portion of our governement curriculum.
    Total Assignments:
    The compiled Bellringers
    Study Guide

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