• Advanced Physical Education: Weight Training
    Coach Bless
    Coach Sipe
    Make-up Work
    - missing a class = -4 off of your total points
    - make up your days by making up the lift during a resource OR
    - complete a 1 page summary of a STACK magazine article
    Successful completion of Individual Sports and Team Sports
    Weekly Routine:

                Strength Training: Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri.                   SAQ: Wed.

    Assessment Policies:

    1) 9 weeks grade: (each 9 weeks = 45% of semester grade)

    • based on total points out of 100.
    • -4 points for each missed day of class (may be made up*)
    • -2/-5 deductions for effort, tardies, behavior, incomplete/inaccurate documentation etc.
    • -10 for non-dress (3rd non-dress = failure for 9 weeks)

    *Class participation points may be made up out of resource time, after school SAQ’s, or with a 1-page STACK magazine report.

     2) Final exam: 100 points (10% of semester grade)

    • 50 points for each 9 weeks weight card.
    • Rubric will be applied to each weight card for completion and shown understanding of training principals.

     3) SEMESTER GRADE = 45% for each 9 weeks grade, 10% for final exam

     Class Rules:

    -      Be in the gym/locker room by the bell and be ready in the weight room 5 minutes after class begins. (school policy / effort deduction for tardy issues)

    -     Wear appropriate workout gear: shorts, t-shirt (no tank tops), socks, tied tennis shoes, NO JEWELRY!

    -      You will be released to dress 8 minutes before the bell…hustle to the locker room. YOU are responsible to make your next class on time!

    -      No profanity (25 push ups)

    -     Follow all school rules.

    -      Leave the weight room as you found it…CLEAN (25 push ups)

    -      YOU are responsible for your own weight card. Bring your own pen to record your workouts daily.

    -      Athletes WILL participate on game days (usually at a reduced load).

    -      Display ENTHUSIASM, INTENSITY, and GREAT EFFORT daily!
Last Modified on September 6, 2011