• The 16th Annual Transition Event

    Sponsored by Bartholomew County Transition Council
    October 25, 2019  Friday
    Nick group photo
    For further information, please contact:
    Mary Hamlin (BCSC Transition Coordinator)
    1200 Central Ave
    Columbus, IN 47201
    Fax: 812-373-2188



    At the age of 16, Nick Scott was an ordinary teenager with an interest in athletics, when a near fatal traffic accident changed life as he knew it... forever. After the accident Nick became overweight and discouraged, but somehow found the determination, mindset and personal strength to transform his life from a debilitating tragedy into a personal triumph. Now he uses those hard-won insights to help others awaken the beast within themselves and achieve their personal goals


    Vested in helping others, Nick Scott speaks honestly from the heart of his passion, combined with expert knowledge and personal experience. He blows people away with his vision, ambition, and the speed at which he implements his philosophies and ideas. Speaking as an individual with a physical disability, Nick Scott shares the message:

    "Success Is Not A Destination; Success Is The Journey!"

    For Nick, settling for anything less than his best, giving up or quitting is not an option; it is simply not part of his personal equation for success.


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    Parent session

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