Geometry/Algebra 2 Block 11313/11312

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  • This course provides an option for students who are “doubling up” in Geometry and Algebra 2. Geometry is completed during the first semester and Algebra 2 is completed during the second semester. This class takes two periods each semester. The reason for “doubling up” is to prepare students beginning with Algebra 1 freshman year to take an AP or dual credit math elective dng their senior year. This plan requires strong math skills and interest in mathematics. It also requires good study skills. The curriculum is identical to 11302 Geometry and 11303 Algebra 2. A TI83+ or TI84 graphing calculator will be required for second semester.  (This course may bne taken by freshman who had Algebra 1 in 8th grade with department chair approval.)

Last Modified on December 4, 2018