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    2018 October 17 - 23
    Bully Prevention Week
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    #BullDogsStandUp Challenge – Students challenged to share their responses to the question, “What does standing up to bullying look like? What are ways that Bull Dogs can stand up for their classmates?” via social media.
    Sebahar New
    #BullDosStandUp Challenge Winner is Madeline Sebahar
    Standing up to a bully is difficult, but it has to be done. To stand up to your bully, ignore their comments. Don’t let them bother you. If you don’t give th satisfaction of hurting you, they’ll eventually quit. If it progresses, be extra nice to them. “Kill the with kindness.” At north, people should intervene if they see someone truly intimidated by someone else. They should walk up, start talking to the person afraid to distract the bully. Another thing bulldogs could do is make a personal goal to be nice to everyone. Try to compliment a person a day or smile at a stranger. Bullying is a cruel act and their is so much we can do to stop it! -Madeline Sebahar
    #BullDogsStandTogether Challenge – Students challenged to share examples of Bull Dogs standing together against bullying via social media.
    #BullDosStandTogether Challenge Winner is Brayden Spalding


    1. Inviting bullying victims to come to group events to make new friends

    2. Sticking with someone who is being bullied even if rumors are terrible

    3. Confronting a bully or telling an adult as a group for support - Brayden Spalding

    #BullDogsStandStrong Challenge – Students challenged to share examples of how Bull Dogs can stand strong against bullies, even when it’s hard, via social media.
    #BullDosStandStrong Challenge Winner is Kelsey White

    Bulldogs can be strong by judging the situation first to see whether or not it would be helpful to intervene by standing up for yourself or someone else. If it’s a situation where you or someone else could get hurt worse, you should remind yourself of this and remain emotionally strong to avoid any negative outcome. Then, when you’re away from this situation you should contact a trusted adult for advice on how to prevent this from happening again. - Kelsey White

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