• What Is a Community Mentor, and Why Do I Need One?

    A mentor is someone from the community who has knowledge and experience in your topic area and is willing and able to provide support and guidance throughout your completion of your Senior Project. A mentor is a support person, not an organizer, director, or manager. A mentor is not your parent or anyone that lives with you. You are in the lead!


    What your Community Mentor can do for you:

    • Help answer questions you may have about the technical aspects of your project
    • Give information on how to locate and access available resources
    • Give general feedback
    • Provide support and encouragement

    The student is responsible for:

    • Securing an appropriate mentor
    • Completing and submitting all required mentor forms
    • Being prepared and punctual for all appointments with mentor
    • Communicating with mentor, as needed, in a timely manner
    • Scheduling and attending a recommended five mentor/student meetings
    • Submitting all forms and logs, signed by mentor, in portfolio

    The Community Mentor is responsible for:

    • Advising and assisting student in the planning and development of his/her project
    • Signing forms and logs provided by the student
    • Being accessible to the student to meet up to 5 times
    • Confirming that the student did the project
Last Modified on July 16, 2018