Presentation Video

     Time Line for Presentation~8-10 minutes


    Your speech consists of three distinct parts:

    1. Introduction:

    •     Introduce yourself by greeting your committee and telling them your name and some information about yourself and project.

    2. Body:

    •    Explain project goals, steps involved in your project, reflect on your learning 

    3. Conclusion:

       Driving Questions:

    •    What did you learn from doing this project?
    •    How did it stretch your learning?
    •    How has it caused you to grow as a person?
    •    What Habits of Mind did you use?

       Future Applications:

    •  Will any of the above apply to your future job or career?  
    •  Will you apply what you learned to your life?
    •  Will your project continue?


    Your committee will evaluate your project and presentation based on the expert learner outcomes detailed on the senior project rubric.

    Your committee will give you a rating of Exceptional, Exceeds Expectation, Meets Expectation, or Does not Meet Expectation.

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