• The research paper component of the Senior Project is housed in the English department.  During the 1st semester of senior English, students will be guided by their English teacher on the proper way to conduct research and compile evidence for their research paper.  They will establish the deadlines.  Please check with your English teacher as to when your Senior Paper is due.


    Research Paper Video


    The pieces of the research paper will likely include the following:

    • Thesis statement
    • Outline
    • Research paper
    • Works cited


    Typical steps to writing a research paper:

    • Identification of topic (in SP proposal)
    • Location and reading of potential sources
    • Development of research questions
    • Reading of texts
    • Development of thesis
    • Development of organization and topic sentences
    • Composing
    • Works-cited page
    • Editing and revising
    • Submission to anti-plagiarism site




Last Modified on January 17, 2020