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    What is Two-Way Immersion?

    Two-way immersion, also referred to as dual language immersion, uses two languages for instruction. It is the best educational model to produce graduates who can speak in two languages, as well as read and write at or above grade level in both Spanish and English.

    The program is known as “two-way” because some of the participating students are learning English for the first time, while others are learning Spanish. It is called “immersion” because for part of the day, students are completely immersed in one or other of the target languages for all instruction and interactions in the classroom.



    Pathway Model

    Our pathway is based upon research showing that students are not only capable of learning in two languages at once, but actually excel under these conditions. In Legado Spanish Immersion Academy, Clifty Creek Elementary adopted an 80/20 ‘two-way’ immersion language model of instruction. This means that 80% of the instruction in Pre-k and Kindergarten is in Spanish while 20% is in English.

    Each year the instruction in English increases, leading to a balance of teaching 50% of the day in English and 50% of the day in Spanish by fourth grade. Classrooms are made up of approximately 50% Spanish-speaking student and 50% non-Spanish-speaking students to facilitate language acquisition.