• Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What is a Two-Way Immersion (TWI) pathway?

    A:  A TWI pathway is a form of Dual language, specifically two-way immersion programs, are designed for students, native and non-native speakers of Spanish, to learn two languages; one language does not replace the other.  It is the best educational model to produce graduates who can speak in two languages, as well as read and write at or above grade level in both Spanish and English. The program is known as "two-way" because some of the participating students are learning English for the first time, while others are learning Spanish. It is called "immersion" because for part of the day, students are immersed in the target language for all instruction and interactions in the classroom.

    Q: How do I apply for my child to participate in the TWI pathway?

    A:  The application will be available on BCSC’s homepage at https://www.bcsc.k12.in.us/ starting in December.

    Q: Does the TWI pathway span grades Pre-K - 12?

    A:  Yes, the TWI pathway will span from Pre-K - 6th grade.  Once students reach middle school the continuation of the program is referred to as the Global Studies Pathway, located at Northside Middle School.  Students will have opportunities to take additional classes during high school to receive the Certificate of Multilingual Proficiency on their high school diploma.

    Q: How is the selection process determined for the TWI pathway?

    A:  The selection process will be carried out as follows: Students will be divided into two groups: native Spanish speakers and non-Spanish speakers.  This group may include students of Hispanic descent who are primarily English speakers and students whose native language is other than English or Spanish.  Selection from each of the groups will be made until 50% of the class roster is comprised of native Spanish speaking students and 50% of the class roster is comprised of non-Spanish speakers.  

    Q: Does a student have to apply for the TWI pathway if a sibling is already in it?

    A:  Yes, however siblings will be given priority consideration.  An application for each child must be submitted by the deadline in order to be considered for the pathway.  

    Q: Can I apply for the TWI pathway if I don’t live in the Clifty Creek Elementary School district?

    A:  Yes, the application process is open to all BCSC families with 4 or 5 year olds by August 1st.

    Q:  Can I apply for the TWI pathway if I don’t live in the BCSC boundaries?

    A:  Yes, consideration will be given to all applicants, but BCSC families will be given first consideration.  

    Q: What are the parent/guardians requirements for my child to be part of the TWI pathway?

    A:  Parents/Guardians of students accepted into the pathway are required to attend an orientation meeting further describing the pathway model and providing question/answer sessions.  Students whose parents do not attend an orientation meeting will not be enrolled.  Parents/Guardians must also sign a Family Commitment Form.

    Q:  Will transportation be provided?

    A:  Transportation will be provided to students who reside within BCSC boundaries.

    Q: What model will BCSC be using for the Two-Way Immersion Pathway?

    A:  BCSC will be using the 80/20 model.  A model is determined by the percentage taught in Spanish in Pre-K and Kindergarten.  The table below shows how percentages change over time.  


    Spanish/English Percentage

    Pre-K - First Grade


    Second Grade

    Third Grade



    Fourth Grade - Sixth Grade