• Pathway Features

    • Students learn to read and write in both languages. Reading and writing are taught in Spanish in the primary grades. As students reach 3rd grade level reading and writing proficiency, formal literacy instruction in English begins. Many students self-transition to English reading and writing before this time.
    • Families must choose to be in the program. Students need the full support of their families to succeed. Their family does not have to be bilingual in order for the student to succeed and become bilingual and bi-literate.
    • Languages are not taught as in a Spanish or French class. Instead, students are immersed in each language and study the same subjects as all students at the school.
    • The teacher does not translate for the students. Children have a natural language-learning capacity, and using a second language to learn interesting things at school is a natural way to pick up that language.



    Parent Participation and Commitment 

    Enrollment in our pathway is by choice. To ensure achievement and success for the students it is necessary for families to commit to the pathway. Active parent support is extremely important to the long-term success of our two-way immersion pathway and to the success of your child. We expect all students, families and teachers to work together to ensure success.