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    Bull Dog Way Week--Random ACT OF KINDNESS
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    New  CNHS PBIS Team is sponsoring a Bull Dog Way Week focused on recognizing the positives connection of Respect, Responsibility, and Relationships to our school culture and behaviors.
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    On Monday Feb 13, students pass out PBIS Random ACT OF KINDNESS stickers.. 
    For Faculty and Staff: Recognize as many students as possible with Blue Tickets.
    For Students: We are encouraging every student to perform random acts of kindness throughout the week
    For Departments: Departments are working on creating Boxes for Blue Tickets.   Departments will turn in boxes by end of day on Monday, Feb 13. From Tuesday - Friday, students can "vote" on their favorites with the blue tickets they have been issued from teachers in the Main Entrance Hallway.
    The winning department (the one with the most blue tickets in the box at week's end) will receive lunch from the PBIS Team!
    Update 2017-2-20 
    Thanks to those of you who made sure your 4th period students received a Blue Ticket last week. We collected over 4600 PBIS Blue Tickets or over an average of 26 per teacher or an average of 2 per student--so hopefully every student received on last week! 
    Thanks for the departments who created such wonderfully whimsical Blue Ticket Boxes. The boxes have received lots of attention not just at North but across the district!
    So from the CNHS PBIS Team--Many Thanks!

    Winner of the Blue Ticket Box Contest: Social Studies--both for the largest number and for the most per adult.
    SS Box  

    Because everyone who participates in a week built on kindness and caring, each caring adult should have a little thank you in the form of a 3R's mouse pad.
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     Your Columbus North PBIS Team
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Last Modified on February 20, 2017