• Mr. Legge’s Course Handbook

    NAVIGATORS (Room 119)

    7th Grade Science


    Welcome to 7th grade Science!  I am looking forward to an exciting year and I will strive to make Science meaningful to you.  Science is a great tool, and a foundation for developing your thinking skills.  I also see science as a vehicle through which you can experience success. We will be investigating many interesting topics in Science class this year such as forces and motion, renewable and non-renewable energy, waves, earth systems, cells and body systems.


    Classroom Rules

    Individual Responsibility- Students must come to class prepared and ready to learn every day.  This includes having a pen or pencil, paper, the required text, chromebook, and taking care of personnel issues before class.    


    Tardiness- Come to class on time.  Standing outside the door and rushing in after the bell has begun to ring will constitute a tardy.  In order to be considered on time you must fulfill two requirements: 1) you must be INSIDE the door when the bell begins ringing, and 2) you must begin the Problem of the Day (P.O.D.) within one minute after the tardy bell. 


    Respect- Respect all ideas given in class and do not criticize anybody’s ideas or thoughts. 

    Consequences- Every student is expected to follow the rules stated in the Spartan Blue Book.

    Some basic rules to remember:

    • Act Responsibly
    •   Be prepared and FOLLOW DIRECTIONS the first time given.
    • Be Respectful
    •   Treat others the way you would like to be treated.
    • Communicate Effectively
    •   Do not interrupt others when it is their time to talk.
    • Do your BEST!



    I will grade on a point based system.

    Grade Scale:

                A          100-90

                B          89-80

                C          79-70

                D          69-60

                F          59-0


    Homework- I will assign relevant, challenging, and meaningful homework assignments that reinforce classroom learning objectives. It is your responsibility to make sure assignments are done according to the given instructions and completed on time. 


    Late and Illegible Work- You will NOT receive full credit for turning homework assignments in late. This includes turning in homework in the middle or at the end of class. If you do not have the assignment complete, you have the option of turning in what you have, or you can complete it and turn it in the next day for half credit.  I will not accept homework that is more than a day late. I will contact parents if a pattern of late or incomplete homework develops. 

    Problem Of the Day (P.O.D.)

    Every day there will be a question or problem on the board. This question will either review past lessons or relate to the lesson of the day.  Every other Monday I will pass out a paper that has five separated areas on each side.  The student is required to answer this question within the first five minutes of class on one of the designated areas.  Every other Friday I will collect the P.O.D. sheets and grade them.


    Absent Policy

    Regular school attendance is critical to a student’s ability to derive the full benefits provided in the school. A student who is absent from school, whether such absence is excused or unexcused, is expected to independently make up any work missed during such absence.

    Homework- Students who miss homework because of an absence will receive the opportunity to make up missed work.  Following an excused absence, students will be given a number of school days equal to the number of days of absence to submit make-up work for credit.  (Example: A student who is absent on Monday and Tuesday will make up work on Wednesday and Thursday and turn it in on Friday.)  IT IS THE STUDENT’S RESPONSIBILITY TO ASK THE TEACHER FOR MAKE-UP ASSIGNMENTS AFTER AN ABSENCE.  If you are absent on a due date, you are expected to turn in the assignment upon your return.  Students are strongly encouraged to access the homework page on the school website and itslearning.

    Class Calendar- Every day I will update the classroom calendar.  The calendar shows all assignments and test dates, thus; it’s the student’s responsibility to obtain all makeup work from the teacher immediately upon returning to school.


    Extra Credit

    There will NOT be opportunities to receive extra credit.


    Academic Dishonesty

    Cheating and/or plagiarism are extremely serious matters and will not be tolerated!  The consequences for cheating can be found in the Spartan Blue Book.



    Materials List

    If you come to class unprepared by not having the required materials, you will lose 2 points from your individual responsibility grade.  These daily materials include:

    Chromebook- You must bring your chromebook to class every day.

    Writing Utensil- You will need a writing utensil every day!

    Text- Every student is expected to bring his/her text book to class every day!

    Paper- You must bring loose leaf paper to class every day.

    1 inch binder- Although it is not required, I highly recommend that you have a folder/binder for all your graded assignments, notes, and study materials.  YOUR BOOK IS NOT A FOLDER!